We wrapped up Caleb's 3rd day of appointments with a Psych test, Neurology, Speech, and Occupational Therapy. Another long, but fulfilling day. I watched in amazement today as Caleb answered questions and demonstrated his skills in all different areas. We are beyond grateful not only for his health, but for his abilities in all areas.... Continue Reading →


We had another busy day full of appointments, but we are happy to report Caleb is still NED! No evidence of disease!! His brain and spine MRI are clean! We started our day with a quick E Clinic appointment (that's the brain tumor clinic at St. Jude). We thought we might get his MRI results... Continue Reading →


It's definitely been strange and wonderful at the same time to be back in Memphis and at St. Jude. Since it's only been 12 weeks since we left, things still feel so fresh and familiar. So many memories came flooding back to this time last year. Caleb was just losing his hair from radiation, and... Continue Reading →


We have enjoyed our week at home not staying in the hospital over night, but we have still had to go back almost every day for blood draws/count checks. This definitely beats having to be inpatient at the hospital, but still makes for some long, draining days of going back and forth to the hospital.... Continue Reading →


Well it has been quite a week! Quite a LONG week! ha ha! Between shuffling Tyler around, celebrating my birthday, and James and I working in shifts to watch Caleb, we are exhausted. This stay has set the record for longest consecutive hospital stay at 6 nights, 7 days. We can't wait to be home... Continue Reading →


We have had an amazing couple of weeks. We participated in the St. Jude walk/run, we have been swimming in our pool, playing with friends, and celebrating birthdays. Unfortunately, things must have caught up with Caleb because by Sunday afternoon he had a fever. James and Caleb took their usual trip to the ER for... Continue Reading →


This past week has been full of blessings. I have been thinking all week about how lucky we are to be together as a family and have so many wonderful things going on in our lives. First, Tyler had his 6th birthday. He is growing into such a nice, caring, and loving person with a... Continue Reading →


Today was the Tampa St. Jude walk/run and my heart is so full from all the love and support we received today. Today was important in 2 big ways. First, take it from me, you never know when someone in your life that you love will get the news that they have cancer. You never... Continue Reading →


September 11th... a day that means so much to so many, and now has an even more significant meaning to us. One year ago, September 11th 2018, we sat in the local Pediatric Oncologists Office and heard Caleb's official diagnosis. Many cancer families refer to this date as "D-Day" (Diagnosis Day). I remember driving to... Continue Reading →

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