Even though the gravity of why we are here is always on our minds, we do find many moments to smile and laugh and have fun.  We were hoping to check out Memphis Zoo today but it was a rainy weekend, so we drove around and explored some different parts of town.  We went to lunch and then Chuck E. Cheese.  I personally dread Chuck E. Cheese visits, but I love my children, and they love Chuck E. Cheese, so that is what we did!

Once Caleb starts treatment and his immune system is weakened, it won’t be a good idea for us to take him to places like that.  We will have to be a lot more careful with germs, and will probably avoid certain activities. So for today we just wanted him to be able to be a kid.  We had a great time and soaked up every laugh and every memory.

As the day went on I definitely felt my mind wandering to thinking about what this week will bring.  We have one more week of tests, assessments, doctors appointments, and meetings in preparation for the start of radiation next week.

Our week begins with Caleb getting his port tomorrow.  I am very nervous for that not because of what it is, but because I don’t know what Caleb is going to think of it. I know he will adapt just like with everything else. You can read more about what the port is and why they use it here (He is getting number 3 on the list, a Port-o-Cath/implantable port):

So, tomorrow is a big day and starts with the port surgery in the morning followed by a couple different appointments in the afternoon.  I will update again tomorrow with how Caleb did with his surgery. He went to bed dressed like the little superhero that he is!


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  1. Amazing little superhero!!!! Hugs and kisses for all of you. My prayers continue!

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