Today Caleb had yet another test that will give us some more information as to what is going on in his body.  It was called a MetPet scan, as I described in yesterday’s post. We are getting pretty good at this testing routine. Caleb knows he’s not allowed to eat before hand, so we play games and watch his iPad. He also knows that we will get him anything he asks for when he wakes up. So today he requested Apple Juice and Goldfish from the nurse, and Smarties and Pringles from Mom and Dad. So we told him we would be ready with his goodies when he wakes up!

The tricky thing about the MetPet scan is the timing.  The substance they inject in him that shows up on the scan has to be mixed while we are waiting, and used right away. So we were called back for assessment about 10:30am. They took his vitals, we signed the consent forms, and then we had to wait about an hour and a half while they mixed the amino acid compound that would go in his body. Wait time went pretty quickly since Caleb loves all the different toys in the waiting room, and his iPad of course. Then about 12:30pm we headed back to the MRI room. This was the first time they would do the anesthesia through his port.  I was able to sit with him in my lap while they pushed the anesthesia drugs and he fell asleep in my arms. Then I lifted him up to the table and we had to leave the room.  That is definitely the hardest part. I hate walking away from him but the nurses are always so nice and let us kiss him and say bye before they start the procedure.

About an hour later we got the call that he was waking up in the recovery room.  We walked in and the nurse already had his Apple Juice and Goldfish for him. He is always so sleepy and talks so slow when he first comes out of anesthesia.  It’s pretty adorable.  Then the doctor cleared us to leave so we loaded him in his wagon and headed home to rest. Tomorrow’s appointments do not require NPO instructions (nothing by mouth).  So Caleb can eat breakfast. He was pretty excited when I told him that and has already asked for Jelly Donut Holes for breakfast! He definitely has up wrapped around his finger but I don’t mind at all.

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  1. Hey we have a mutual friend, Tyler Johnson. He was posting your story. Just want you to know we are praying for Caleb!

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