It’s been a rainy week here in Memphis, and Caleb just loves the puddles that we pass on our walk to and from our housing place and St. Jude.  I usually roll his cart through the puddles, and he laughs and laughs. I am always amused by the little things that Caleb thinks are so fun. I would normally walk right on by those puddles, or feel annoyed that they were even there in my way. But for some reason kids see the world differently. So today Caleb wanted to jump in the puddles. I started to say no, but then I said you know what, go splash. And so he did, and he laughed and laughed!

Today was my birthday. I didn’t exactly feel like celebrating in the midst of all of this. I kind of wanted to pretend like it wasn’t happening, so it could just be another day, and I wouldn’t miss home. But, I did miss home. And my friends. And my family. But I spent the day with Caleb, and he made me realize that celebrating my birthday was just like dancing in the rain. It’s a bright spot in the dark days. These days won’t last forever, so there is no reason not to enjoy happy moments in between all of the negative things going on.

Caleb only had 3 appointments today and none of them involved any major tests or procedures. I am thankful we had a day to just sort of relax and have fun together. He had a Line Nurse appointment where the nurse taught me how to take care of his port. He saw the dentist and his teeth look great! And he met with an Occupational Therapist. I had no idea what that was, but they studied his fine motor skills such as stacking blocks, and holding a crayon to color and draw shapes. He passed with flying colors as he usually does with all these tests.  He makes me so proud and I know that whatever he accomplishes in his life he always will.

We all went to dinner together to celebrate my birthday after we picked Tyler up from school. But I felt a little homesick today for the first time and I am hoping that will pass. I feel so very loved today from all of the messages, texts, and phone calls I received for my birthday. So, let’s all take a lesson from Caleb and keep dancing my friends. Brighter days are sure to come.

P.S. Caleb got the Jelly Donut Holes he had requested for breakfast. He was so happy!

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  1. We miss you all,but love and appreciate the dedication you are putting into this journey! Prayers for all!

  2. Love reading your blog and seeing the pics; praying for Caleb & your entire family as you all go through this journey with him. Happy belated birthday! 😊

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