I am happy to say that nothing monumental happened today because we didn’t have any appointments!!! James needed to get some work done so Linda (my mother in law), Caleb, and I ran some errands. Caleb is enjoying his time with his “Nana”, but she is leaving Saturday so it was nice to have the day together. We went to Wal-Mart and then Moe’s for lunch.  Caleb loves Moe’s because they play music and he just can’t keep himself from dancing!

A big attraction in downtown Memphis is the Bass Pro Shop.  It’s a giant pyramid and honestly sticks out like a sore thumb in the skyline of downtown Memphis. But we were definitely curious about it so we went to check it out. Caleb loved the alligators and the giant fish tank!

The kids have definitely started to ask why we are still here and when we are going home. It’s all confusing for them since we were building a new house back home, but now we are living in the “hotel”, but soon we will be moving to an apartment.  As much as we try to explain it I know it’s hard for them to really understand. But out of the blue at dinner tonight Tyler walked up to James and said “I don’t want Caleb to be sick anymore”.  That hit us hard. He is a very empathetic and sensitive 5 year old. I can tell he loves his brother so much. He is making just as big of a sacrifice as the rest of us. He had to start a new school with new friends and live in a new place. But tonight I feel like something clicked after we talked to him at dinner.  The boys came home and played ball and then “fought zombies” (with my hairbrushes as their weapon) for about a straight hour with no fighting! Tyler was gentle and made sure Caleb didn’t get hit in his chest or his head. I was so proud of Tyler when he went to bed. He seemed so grown up tonight and I’m so proud of him. It’s part of what makes me sure that keeping our family together was the right thing to do. Tyler and Caleb need each other and I think they miss each other when they are apart all day.  As a mom it warms my heart to see them so close.

Tomorrow we have an early morning blood test and then a Clinic appointment where I think we will find out the results of the MetPet scan. We should also find out a little more about how his radiation treatments will begin next week. So more on all that tomorrow!


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  1. I’m with Tyler. I don’t want Caleb to be sick any more either. Be assured of my daily prayers for all of you. I love the way you all are dealing with this. You are taking the high road and showing others how to do it.

  2. Still thinking of y’all all the time and keeping you in our prayers. Glad you are able to treasure the simple joys like puddles and jelly donut holes.

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