It’s been a very busy weekend here and I’ve been staying up late to unpack and set up our apartment. So here is your weekend update!

Saturday morning started off at an event called “Crossfitters for Kids”. This event was a crossfit competition that benefited St. Jude. But more importantly, my friend Alina that I have know since high school was competing and decided to make a special shirt to wear for Caleb. To explain how honored and grateful I am that she did this to support his battle just could not be put into words. It was so great to see her (she only lives about 30 minutes away from St. Jude) and it was fun to watch a crossfit competition in person for the first time. Before the competition, a women who belongs to their crossfit gym spoke about her daughter’s journey at St. Jude. Her daughter was diagnosed with cancer as a baby and is now about to graduate high school. Every time I hear about a long term survivor I get chills. I always hope and pray I’ll be sharing our story some day!!

The morning was wonderful as I watched my friend compete and watched our kids run around and play together. Alina came into my life when we played Volleyball together in high school. We reconnected again a few years ago over health and fitness, as she taught me how to eat clean and get fit again after I had Caleb. I even saw her at a race in Florida last February after she finished her half marathon. And now she is nearby and supporting our family as we go through this fight. I heard a saying on the podcast I was listening to the other day, that “People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” I am blessed to have Alina as a lifetime friend along with so many others. I don’t know what I did to get so lucky to have people who would do anything to help our family at any time. If nothing else this whole experience has showed me that and I am so grateful.

After the competition we grabbed some lunch, which somehow turned into a silly photo session.

I really needed some time to shop for things to make our apartment feel like home, so Mom and Bruce took the boys to the movies to see Small Foot again and I went to Target! I bought a few too many things and our ride home was a little cramped with all of my purchases!

The boys were still in a really good mood after the movie so mom wanted to take them to get a Build-A-Bear. I never thought boys would be into this but my boys love their “friends” or “Snugglies” as Tyler calls them. So this was a super fun and exciting experience for them. They both chose the Batman costume for their bears at the end. They are so lucky that their Grandma SPOILS them!! HA HA!

Sunday I really needed to put away all the things I bought for the apartment, so mom and Bruce entertained the kids around Target House. There are so many activities here! They went to the playground, the indoor play room, the art room, and had a picnic lunch! The kids always have fun with Grandma and Bruce! Everything is like an adventure!

We ended the day with dinner from our new favorite BBQ place, and right after that Daddy got home from his trip to Florida! He brought cookies that Don and Myra (definitely another one of those lifetime friends) got the boys from our favorite bakery! It was so nice to have a little piece of home arrive in Memphis, and we are so glad daddy is back! It’s been strange to be here without him.

James liked what I did to the apartment, and it’s starting to feel a little more like home. I have added every type of organization item and suction cup/command strip thing I could find since we aren’t allowed to put nails in the walls. Even the small bathroom is looking much more organized. I bought some really cute rugs and nice soft towels, and for the first time in weeks it feels like we are in a home and not a hotel room!

Tomorrow is radiation day 4! The good news is Caleb’s appointment is at 7:45am, so even though he can’t eat breakfast he will not have to wait as long to eat as he had to wait last week. Thank goodness we got an earlier appointment time this week! I am nervous to see if side effects will start to show this week. I pray he stays my sweet, energetic, funny little boy!


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  1. Keeping the faith and prayers coming! So glad to see you all making the best of the situation! Love to all!!😘😘

  2. The apartment looks great with signs of Grimsley all around. You are so creative to think of suction cups as solutions to hanging pictures! Cheering and praying for Team Caleb and Caleb the SuperHero for a big win during the next week of challenges!

  3. So happy to hear the wonderful weekend and see all the pictures. What a blessing to have a high school girlfriend right in the Memphis area. No surprise James has a huge smile, to be home with you and the boys. Your Mom and Bruce I bet loved all the family time.

  4. I’m a goof ball!, the last comment was from me, but it was my first ever blog posting so I didn’t realize to put my name in a box, or it would show as anonymous. Geez!

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