Today completed our first week full week of Monday-Friday radiation treatments. I am grateful for another week down, and thankful that Caleb is doing so well. When we met with our Neuro Oncologist for our weekly appointment today he said Caleb seemed to be handling everything exceptionally well. Many kids have nausea/vomiting/loss of appetite symptoms by now, but not our Caleb! He ate 2 bags of mini muffins before we even left the hospital, and then ham and cheese and strawberries when we got home! The thing he struggled with most today was the weather. It was only 50 degrees when we left the house this morning, and the high only hit 67 today. My Florida boy was cold this morning and NOT happy about it HA HA HA! He is going to have to learn to bundle up!!

He was under anesthesia longer than usual today for his regular treatment plus the other simulations they had to do. He was a little extra groggy because of that so we rested when we got home. When the anesthesia wore off he was back to his normal self and wanted to go to the playground. His imagination is so funny I just had to share this little video clip of him.

As we hit the end of another week here in Memphis I can’t believe we are coming on up 4 weeks since we left home. I feel like so much has happened but yet we still have so far to go. I can’t let another day go by without expressing our gratitude for all of the care packages and cards we have received since we got here. We are humbled and speechless by everyone’s generosity. Not only has everyone thought about Caleb, but also Tyler and James and I as well. We have received packages from everyone from close friends to people we hardly know. We cry when we read your letters and feel the love with every package and card sent. THANK YOU!!! You brighten our days when we get to tell the boys they have something to open. They get so excited that they have mail!!! There is no way I can call everyone out to say thank you so I’m just going to leave a montage of some of the pictures I’ve taken of them opening their gifts. I’m sure I haven’t captured them all but I think you can tell the joy in their faces with what they have received. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

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