Today was much like yesterday. Cold, dreary, rainy weather. Radiation treatment #10 for Caleb. The monotony of our daily routine is starting to set in. We go to treatments, come home to rest, then play until it’s time to pick Tyler up from school. It’s not a bad life, I’m just still adjusting to this being my whole life.

We are still very lucky that Caleb is doing well with his treatments with little to no side effects so for that I am grateful. His hair seems to be thinning in just a few spots, and the skin down his back looks pink as if it’s sunburned. This is a side effect from the radiation, but doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all. We put cream on it every night just in case. Only 3 more full brain and spine treatments to go!!!


One thing I am happy to report is that we cooked dinner tonight! A real home made dinner!!! This may not seem like a big deal but I think this is the first time we enjoyed a home cooked meal in well over a month. We are also setting up a meal delivery service with some of the funds raised by our generous friends so that we can stop with all the take out food and have “real” food for dinner. When we walked in the door the boys said “yay real dinner!!” It was so cute! I made beef tips in my instant pot, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts (for me because the rest of the fam does NOT like them), and corn on the cob. It tasted so good and made our apartment smell like home.


That’s really all to report for today. Radiation treatment #11 is on tap for tomorrow. Caleb  loves to read by lantern light when he has a hard time falling asleep, so we walked back in his room to check on him and he was asleep like this. He’s just the best! Both of my boys are and no matter how mundane life currently is I never lose site of how thankful I am that we are all together.


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  1. You don’t know me, I work with Donna at Wilder and she told me Calebs story. I wanted to follow your story since we are going through something similar, but totally different ourselves. Im too familiar with your comments regarding homemade meals. My whole family has been living on fast food for about 7 months. No time, energy or desire to cook here. Soon though we hope.

    I can also relate to your comments the other day about missing the way your life use to be. I’m sorry you were going through this but then again maybe misery likes company. I’m so sad that you were going through this and hope everything gets back to normal for you in the very near future.
    We’re cheering your family on!
    Beth Vavoularis (aka Team Whitaker)

  2. Ms. Taylor called us and the kids got to FaceTime today! Caleb was soooo happy to see Rachel! ha ha

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