Today was a good day. I’ve been a little down the last couple days, but today I felt better. I don’t know if it was the sunshine and blue skies, but today was a beautiful day! The weather topped out at about 70 degrees and Fall was in the air.


Caleb had his 11th Radiation treatment. He always asks the nurses for Play Doh (his new favorite thing!) and we also did some activities in his activity book while waiting for him to go to sleep.

After his treatment we usually go home to rest, but we had no choice but to stick around today because we had his weekly checkup with the radiology team. So lunch was a little rough but I just held him and he got mad at me for taking his picture while he ate his pizza. HA HA! James and I learn to laugh at all of his grumpiness for the hour or so after the anestheisa.

But his checkup with Radiology went really well and his doctors can’t believe how few side effects we have seen so far. We all agree that Caleb is so strong! I am thankful for every day he is himself and continues to amaze everyone with how well he is doing.

When we returned home Caleb got to FaceTime his classmates and it made his whole day to see his friends and teachers! We also received cards from his school today and that made Caleb smile so big! He is so loved and we read him every message so he knows how much people care about him!!!

After that the rest of the afternoon and evening was wonderful! We played outside for a while and took in the beautiful weather. We made “breakfast for dinner”, one of the kids all time favorite meals, and the kids even helped me make the pancakes!

I realize there will be many ups and downs while we are here. I have been impatient the last couple days. I have been angry that my life has turned into being here, and I have been wishing this time would hurry up so we can get home. But today I just took a deep breath and slowed down and told myself today would not be a bad day. And it wasn’t. So I hope I can have the strength to keep thinking positively and enjoy the life we are settling into here.

2 final pics from our funny little man… He likes to pretend to be daddy. Every time James gets on a phone call (he wears a headset) Caleb has to wear his headset too. It’s hilarious how he mocks him. And same with me in my workout tonight. Caleb had to show off his “Super Gekko Muscles” (PJ Masks reference) and use my weights to show me how strong he is!

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  1. Caleb is so tough! So are all of you! Round the clock prayers for strength as you get through this segment of your life! Caleb truly embodies all that a superhero is! I 😘

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