We have once again reached the end of another week. Day 18 of Radiation is done! We did the usual silly pictures and Play-Doh to get us through all the waiting around!

We had a couple appointments following Caleb’s Radiation treatment, so we stayed at St. Jude for lunch. In the Cafeteria Caleb decided to get comfy and lay down in the chair under his warm blanket. This meant I fed him bites of his pizza so he wouldn’t have to move, once again earning him his nickname “King Caleb” Ha ha! But to be fair he was coming out of anesthesia so I don’t blame him for wanting to be comfy, and honestly I wish someone would feed me my pizza too!

About half way through the day Tyler’s teacher emailed us to tell us he was complaining that his stomach hurt. This has been going on for a few days now but when he’s with us he always seems fine. But about an hour after the first email his teacher felt that we should come pick him up since he still said he didn’t feel well. I can’t tell if his stomach hurt of this was a classic case of wanting to be picked up early to be with mommy and daddy, but either way it’s ok. I think he is curious about what we are up to with Caleb all day long. So James left St. Jude to go get Tyler and he spent the rest of the afternoon with us. Caleb showed him where the good snack bags are in the cafeteria, and what waiting room has the fun game machines. I have to admit I did love watching them walk around together in the halls of St. Jude. We spend so much time there but Tyler is hardly every with us. So it was nice for an afternoon, but hopefully Tyler’s tummy will feel better from now on.

While James went to pick up Tyler, Caleb had a routine eye exam. Everything checked out great and he does not need glasses. I was happy to hear that but they will check him periodically to make sure nothing with his vision changes. It was really cute watching Caleb identify the pictures on the screen in front of him as they covered each of his eyes. He just thought we were playing a game!


I am glad the weekend is here. It feels good to have another week under our belt and I am also glad we don’t have to get up early tomorrow! Now if I can only get my kids to sleep in…

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  1. I love the closeness of The Brothers Grimsley! Hope you’re having a wonderful week-end. Oh, and sorry about those ‘Noles yesterday!

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