This weekend was another wonderful one. I have to admit our weekends here have all been pretty great and this one was no different. At home we have certain “Fall traditions” that we do every year. Even though we can’t do the exact same things this year, we are having fun enjoying this Fall weather and trying out new things.

We have been hearing good things about Shelby Farms Park. It’s only about a 25-30 minute drive so we decided it would be a good day to check it out. There are many things to do at this park because it is HUGE, but we decided to take the kids to the playground and bring food for a picnic. This playground was one of the most unique playgrounds I have ever seen. The kids jumped right in and had a great time!

When lunch time came we found a spot to have a picnic. The kids just love their Lunchables, and they think picnics are so fun!

Later that afternoon we decided to let them build the Halloween Gingerbread House their grandma sent them. They had been begging all day to put it together and honestly I just thought they wanted to eat the candy. We have tried to put together gingerbread houses before and never been successful because all they want to do is eat the frosting and candy. But I am happy to say we put together the “spooky house” as they called it, and we had so much fun!

Of course they were on a sugar high when we finished so to burn off some energy we had a Halloween Dance Party to “The Monster Mash”.

Sunday we were lazy most of the day. We made a huge Sunday morning breakfast with bacon, eggs, and french toast. The boys played on the playground here where we live for a while. We basically just let them be lazy all day because we were saving up their energy for “Zoo Boo” at the Memphis Zoo. We decided to dress up as Superhero’s for the event (we have different costumes for Halloween). We were kind of just “winging it” with the costumes so at the last minute I decided to paint my face. Caleb was watching me and wanted me to do his face too.

The Zoo had all kinds of Halloween activities at this special event. They had Trick-or-Treating stations, a maze, haunted houses, etc. The great part was none of it was too scary. There were areas that were a little “spooky” as the boys call it. But they are starting to find “spooky” things to be really fun so they loved it! We met up with friends and had a wonderful night.

The Memphis Zoo is less than a 5 minute drive from where we live. Caleb and Tyler were so tired they didn’t even make it home awake! I couldn’t believe they fell asleep that fast! I guess the combination of a sugar crash and a late night was too much for them! The best part was we didn’t want to wake Caleb by wiping off his Batman makeup so he went to sleep looking like Batman. Sleep tight little Superhero!




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  1. The story of your week-end really touched my heart, What a wonderful atmosphere you are both creating for your boys during this difficult time. My church and I continue to pray for the whole family during this time of uncertainty and fear. Keep trusting on the Lord – he only can help Caleb, his little angel. Thinking of you all – if you need anything let me know. Claudette

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