This morning was another one of those crazy ones where we basically all have to be at the same place at the same time, but yet we only have one car. We dropped Tyler off at school, then I dropped Caleb and James off at St. Jude, and then I had to get back to Tyler’s school to chaperone his field trip.

Today’s field trip was to a little Farm with a pumpkin patch and other Fall activities and the kids had so much fun!! First we started out at the scarecrow station and all the kids got to make a big scarecrow for their class. All the kids gathered up bunches of straw and stuffed the scarecrow. The kids just had a blast getting dirty and playing in the hay ha ha! Next they went on a little train ride around a field. Then lastly they got to go on a hay ride to the pumpkin patch and pick out their very own pumpkin. Tyler surveyed the whole patch carefully before picking the perfect one! The kids also took a walk through the “haunted woods”. They were all screaming at the fake spooky things. It was pretty funny! They had a few minutes to play on the playground and then we headed back to school.

I love being able to join Tyler on his field trips. This was the second one and it was definitely more enjoyable for me than the first. The first one we went on was during Tyler’s first week at his new school and I didn’t know anyone! I remember still being sad that we were here in Memphis, and it was lonely because I didn’t really know anyone. This time around was much different as I know so many more people. Things are getting comfortable now, but my social anxiety has been at an all time high since moving here. Getting to know new doctors, St. Jude, where to go to eat, where to shop, new teachers, parents of new friends, and on and on. All of these situations are uncomfortable until over time they start to feel more and more like the norm. Memphis still doesn’t feel 100% like home, but it is starting to feel more comfortable. I don’t have to use my GPS every time I get in the car so that is a huge accomplishment!

While I was on the field trip with Tyler, Caleb was at St. Jude doing his Occupational Therapy appointment and getting his 19th radiation treatment. His Occupational Therapy appointment was just a routine follow up to monitor any changes in his fine motor skills, focus, etc. The therapist said he did even better than the first time he was tested. I’m so proud of him, and as you can see “batman” didn’t want me to wash his makeup off this morning, so we left it on all day!


This afternoon before dinner the boys asked if they could play on the playground. So I took them outside and all the kids on the playground had Halloween costumes on. At first I couldn’t figure out why and then I saw that they were giving away costumes in the dining room here where we live. So we walked in the dining room and the boys found two perfect ones for them! Tyler picked an Iron Man 3 costume and Caleb picked a Hulk costume. They were so excited to dress up and get back out on the playground. I guess boys can never have too many superhero costumes!!! They looked so darn cute. It was funny to watch all the superheroes run around the playground together!

On another note, we continue to be blown away by the touching gifts we receive. We still aren’t sure how to thank everyone, but here are a few more pics of the boys opening goodies tonight. They get so excited by everything. The thing that amazes us with each gift is how heartfelt and personal everything is. We receive personal artwork, cards, handmade items, and of course the perfect toys to keep the boys occupied. THANK YOU again for brightening their days and also giving us the most beautiful treasures to keep now and always.

Each night after the boys are finally in bed I go to the kitchen and treat myself to a piece of chocolate (It’s the little things right!?) Tonight I ate a Dove Promise (Dark Chocolate Caramel mmmmmm) and this was the message:

“Keep life moving forward, looking backward is only for time travelers”

This was pretty fitting I thought. Most days I could drive myself crazy thinking about all the things that could have been, should have been, or would have been had we not been here. But it doesn’t matter, because we are here and all we can do is keep moving forward.


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