Today was obviously not as exciting as Halloween yesterday! But we still had a good day.

Tyler was off school for All Saints day so he stayed home with James at the apartment. He watched his iPad, played with some of his toys, and worked on a homework assignment.


Caleb and I went to St. Jude for his radiation treatment (#22!).


Caleb’s radiation appointment was our only one of the day so when I got back to the apartment we all had lunch. These kids definitely aren’t spoiled or anything, with their lunch and iPads lounging on the couch!!! I picked up a Happy Meal for Tyler but Caleb didn’t want one. He is very specific with his food requests when he wakes up from anesthesia and today he asked for a toaster strudel and a Lunchable.

Caleb and Tyler are very active and don’t like being inside much. As soon as Caleb recovered from his anesthesia they were ready to go play outside. But it’s rainy and cold here today and the playground was all wet so we had to settle for the indoor playroom. They weren’t quite ready to let go of Halloween, so they asked to get dressed up in their superhero costumes to go play. They played with all the various toys in there but by far the funniest was watching them turn the dollhouse into their “superhero headquarters.” I guess only real superheroes play with doll houses!? Ha ha!!

I cooked a home made meal in the apartment tonight, which is rare these days but was very nice! And we had a quiet evening. It was a much needed rest day after the craziness of Halloween!

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