Saturday started with Tyler’s first “official” soccer game. He played soccer back at home but they never played any actual games. It was more like learning the fundamentals of soccer. But here they have been practicing once a week in preparation for a real game.

So Saturday was the day. I could tell Tyler was a little nervous. He’s really good at the basics but I knew he’d be a little intimidated by all the kids running around. The game was organized and actually resembled a real soccer game, which is surprising considering most sports at this age are a disorganized mess. The coaches did a great job at getting the kids to pass the ball and make their way down the field toward their correct goal. There is one boy in particular that looks like he’s a pro compared to the other kids his age. Tyler was fast enough to keep up with him but had a hard time getting the ball from him. It was a good lesson for him to stay determined and not get upset. Funny story, about half way through the first game the ball got kicked out of bounds after a missed goal. Tyler had no idea this means the game should stop so he ran after the ball anyways, got control of it, kicked it down the field toward his team’s goal and scored. Even though we all knew it didn’t count everyone cheered for him. He felt on top of the world. It was really funny. So, he scored his first goal… and maybe next week he’ll score his first goal that counts.

We had plans to run some errands after the soccer game but we could tell the kids were tired. Caleb especially seems to tire a little more easily now. So we decided to change our plans and stay at our place. The kids wanted to go on the playground. It was such a gorgeous day outside the kids stayed out there for almost 3 hours! They have met so many friends and see many of the same ones every day. I love seeing them run around, play hide-n-seek, and make up new games with the other kids here.

Sunday we woke up and had a lazy morning with a large breakfast. That seems to be our Sunday thing to make up for the busy weekday mornings. We had eggs, bacon, and cinnamon rolls.

Grebbie and Grandpa came in to town today and the boys could hardly wait to see them! We played at our place and then had dinner with them. They are in town to watch the boys for us because James and I are flying to Florida tomorrow!!! We have to do a pre-closing walk-through on our new house. I am very excited to go home but also nervous about all the emotions I know I’ll feel. I haven’t been “home” in almost 2 months, and when we left everything seemed like a blur. We were so rushed. When we made the decision to go to St. Jude we left town 4 days later and I haven’t been back since. So, I am very excited to see all the work that has been done on our new house. I am also a little nervous about going back to our rental, where pieces of our lives sit in boxes waiting for the next phase to come.

This will be a quick trip for James, but I am actually staying in Florida until Friday. I have some family coming in town from Germany. Their trip was planned long before Caleb’s seizure, but I really want to meet them and spend time with them and other family. I will miss the boys SO much, but I know that James and Grebbie and Grandpa will give the boys a fun week. So James or I will write again in a few days with updates about the boys, family, and *maybe* a couple sneak peeks of our new house.

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  1. Have a great flight to & from Florida! Prayers continue for Caleb & your entire family!

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