Today is the day! I am flying back to Tampa for the first time in almost 2 months. I am writing this sitting in the Memphis airport waiting to catch our flight. I was sad saying bye to the boys this morning but now that that’s over I am soooo excited to see our new house tomorrow!

The day started out with Grebbie and Grandpa helping us with our morning routine. That included getting Tyler to school and also taking Caleb to his treatment at St. Jude. I was so happy to have other people to help entertain him in the waiting room. We have fun playing but I’m sure he gets bored with me day after day. He loved playing with Grandpa and Grebbie and making them laugh!

When it was time for treatment, Caleb of course played play-doh with Grebbie. Today was Monday so he had to have his port accessed today. It’s not his favorite thing to have done, but he was so brave! He only cried for a minute because he was scared, but then James distracted him and he didn’t even cry when they put the needle in.

James and I had to leave to head to the airport, so Grandpa and Grebbie took care of recovery and spoiling him for the rest of the afternoon. That shouldn’t be hard! HA HA! We already received word that he is home and resting and doing well.

We will check in over the next few days with updates from Tampa and also updates about the boys. I am sure Grandpa and Grebbie will have many fun stories to tell. We know they are in good hands and so thankful that we are able to make this trip home.


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  1. Hope you guys have an amazing time in Tampa and Caleb has a great week along with Tyler! 😊

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