Today has been exhausting but we just landed in Tampa and my heart is so happy!

This morning was spent packing our suitcases with all the things we just unpacked in our apartment. Because it seems like all we do lately is unpack and re-pack ha ha! Tyler went to school for the morning and by the time I went to pick him up it was starting to snow! At first it was just little ice pellets, but by the time we left for the airport it was full on snowing! We drove very slowly and carefully all the way to the airport!


The kids were wound up and excited for the airplane! The southwest guy even gave them some cool Southwest sunglasses! They really enjoyed looking out the window and seeing the sky!



When we landed in Tampa we were totally surprised to see mom and Beth with a welcome home sign and a ton of balloons. We have been so busy and just moving in auto pilot lately. Our focus every day is to just get everything done that we need to. So the moment I saw mom and Beth was the moment that it hit me that we are home. This is the break we’ve been waiting for. Treatment isn’t over but this is a huge step and a very well deserved break for Caleb. It’s finally here!!! I’m ready to relax a little bit and enjoy this milestone in his journey.



So with that being said, I’m exhausted. Goodnight Tampa! It’s good to be home!

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