I am happy to report that we are home! This morning we got the great news that his ANC count is up to 200 and he hasn’t had a fever, so we were clear to go home! I can’t believe that we ended up 5 nights inpatient but I was so thankful to go home!

It was nice to have our family together again and we had a relaxing day. It was rainy outside so we found inside activities to keep us busy. The kids watched their iPads, we played “Pop The Pig” (Thanks for the fun game Maddie!!!) and made pizza and jello for dinner. The best part was hearing Tyler and Caleb talk to each other and share toys so nicely. They really missed each other. I am sure that sweetness will wear off after a couple days but it sure was nice to have them be so kind to each other today.

We don’t have to go back for another blood draw until Tuesday morning, so Caleb will have a couple days of a break from appointments. He really needs it because when you are inpatient they take vitals and give meds around the clock and it’s truly exhausting for everyone. We are confident that his ANC levels are climbing and all blood counts are recovering but we will find out for sure Tuesday.

Grebbie and Grandpa flew into town tonight to help us out and give us a break for a couple days, so we are super thankful they are here. Tyler and Caleb were so excited when they showed up at the apartment tonight and immediately demanded piggy back rides from their Grebbie.

Today was day 32, bringing us to the end of our first 35 day chemo cycle. We are expecting to find out Tuesday when we will be starting Cycle 2. I am nervous going into the next cycle because round 1 was a doozie. But we have learned so much, especially that any little thing can make him sick. We are cleaning and sanitizing more than ever. We don’t let people in the door of our apartment without taking off shoes, washing hands, and either changing clothes or putting a gown on. It’s a little crazy, but I know it’s what we have to do to keep him safe. I don’t want to have another long inpatient stay next cycle!! So, we will update everyone again on Tuesday when we get another report of his blood counts. Thank you for all who have reached out over the past few days with prayers and kind words. It really means so much because hospital stays are the worst and all of our friends and family get us through. We love you!

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  1. ❤❤so glad you are finally home together and I have to say that’s the coolest jello ever! Continued prayers for your whole family!

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