We are back home, and the inpatient part of Cycle 2 is now behind us. Caleb handled it all very well, but was definitely happy to be back home today too!

When the doctors came for their rounds this morning, their initial plan was to discharge him today but keep him on hydration fluids. This means we’d have to go home with the backpack and pump and keep him hooked to it for another 24 hours. I don’t mind the thought of doing that. We see a lot of parents around St. Jude that do, but it’s definitely not ideal. However, when the doctors came in the room Caleb was up playing and walking around and laughing. They couldn’t believe how good he looked. He’s still eating and drinking plenty so they said they were going to change their plan and send him home with no fluids! We just need to make sure he keeps eating and drinking and watch his intake of everything very closely. So, what did we do? Made a celebratory PB&J of course!

Before Caleb left St. Jude he did have to get one shot. It’s a booster to help his immune system recover. He is not a fan of shots, but we got through it! Then we were able to head home!

We spent the afternoon playing with all the toys he hadn’t seen in a few days. He also wanted to make a pizza and jello. He just loves making food!

We picked Tyler up from school and Tyler asked to go get a soda. We normally don’t do this, but yesterday I picked up Firehouse for dinner and Tyler thought it was just so fun to get a soda from the big Coke machine and pick out a bag of chips for an after school snack. Caleb didn’t get to come with us yesterday so I took them back to Firehouse so they could get a soda and chips. They made everyone in the place smile, and when we left they gave us 2 Fire Hats for them. It just made their whole night!

Nights are always very busy because we have to work in dinner, homework, baths, reading, and Tyler has sight words to practice every night. It’s a lot! And Grebbie and Grandpa left town today 🙁  We definitely are missing their help already!!! But we had a good night and no matter what I am so proud of Tyler for working hard on his school work. I love that his school opens him up to new things but also pushes him to learn so much more than I ever thought he would at his grade level.


As far as Caleb goes, now is when we have to watch his counts very closely. As the end of this week rolls around he will feel the full effects of the Chemo. We have an appointment Friday to check blood counts again, which always means there is a good chance he’ll have blood and/or platelet transfusions. But for now he’s super strong, still eating and drinking just fine, and happy as can be. We will take the rest of the week at his pace depending on how he feels.


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  1. So happy for the progress for both boys. ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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