Today was an amazing day. Probably one of the best since we have been in Memphis, because we got to celebrate Caleb’s 4th Birthday!!!


Normally when it comes to my kid’s birthdays, I am sad that they are turning another year older. However this year was very different. I could not be happier that Caleb is 4 years old, and from here on out I think I will look at Birthdays differently.


Flash back to September 11, 2018. We were sitting in the Pediatric Oncologist’s office at the hospital where we thought Caleb was going to receive treatment. We had just received the devastating diagnosis of AT/RT and she was going over the treatment plan which was going to be chemo first, and then radiation. We counted the months of chemo and I made a comment to the doctor about him finishing up chemo right around his 4th birthday. Even though most of that meeting was a blur I clearly remember the look on her face when I mentioned Caleb’s 4th birthday. She solemnly acknowledged my comment, and looked at us as if to say “if he makes it to his 4th birthday”. Needless to say we left that meeting with a feeling that can’t be described in words. This lack of faith and hope is the reason we left 4 days later on a plane for St. Jude. In the last 6 months we have anxiously awaited this day of celebration, and we finally made it. This is a huge milestone in Caleb’s life, and in ours.

As this day approached we started talking about a way that we could still give Caleb a birthday party even though we were so far from friends and family. As we all collaborated on ideas, we ended up deciding that all the grandparents and a few friends would come to town and we would rent a house on Air BnB so we could all stay together. We also started asking around to see if we could find a “Batman” to come surprise Caleb at the party. We not only found an amazing Batman, he also has a Batmobile and is friends with Captain America! It couldn’t get any more perfect!!!

We didn’t let Caleb in on the little secret about Batman, but when we arrived at the Air BnB house (aka the “Birthday House”) we gave Caleb a large flashlight with the Batman symbol and told him maybe he should try signaling Batman if he might want him to come to his party. I am not sure he believed he would actually come, but for 2 nights before his party we threw the Bat symbol up into the night sky to try to summon him.


So, when that Batmobile drove up the driveway and Batman climbed out, with Captain America, Caleb could not believe his eyes! He kept looking at Batman and then looking at me, and then looking back at the Superheroes. It was pretty awesome! He got to sit in the Batmobile and Batman helped to sing him happy birthday. It made for some great memories. Following Batman’s visit we opened presents, played games, and smashed a couple of pinatas! The whole day was a blast!

Most importantly, we made family memories and gave Caleb the best birthday possible. Thanks to St. Jude we have hope that he will celebrate many MANY more birthdays to come. (Although I don’t know how we’ll ever top this one!!!)


Caleb, we all love you SO much! You are our Superhero every day, and we are so glad that you got to meet your favorite Superhero today. Happy birthday my sweet boy, here’s to another trip around the sun!


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  1. Wow! Lost for words, made me cry! What an amazing birthday, for an amazing boy, given by an amazing family!!

  2. Oh, happy day! The superhero family strikes again spreading love, hope and joy all over the south east. Happy Birthday Caleb. You’re an inspiration!

  3. This was Amazing 💙 God Bless 🙏🏻 Many prayers coming Caleb’s way. He is my Super Hero ❤️ Your blogs are So Inspirational . Blessings to you all 🦋

  4. This just gave huge tears and warm fuzzies!!! Great job James (Batman)!! You did awesome!!

  5. Please come back and see Batman and his Batmobile anytime Caleb wants!

  6. 💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕 Love this blog (as always!!!). Such fond memories with so much love. You guys are awesome!!! Here’s to many, many more birthdays to come Caleb!

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