We got the “all clear” to start Cycle 4 tomorrow evening. I am very excited even though his counts were just high enough to get by. I feel like they have been a bit stronger in the past, but that is to be expected since we are so far into the process and the doctor didn’t seem concerned. We are starting tomorrow because it’s best to start on a Tuesday so when it comes time for us to be admitted we can be admitted for our inpatient stay on Tuesday night (more beds are usually available). So that is why we are starting tomorrow night and not tonight.


When platelets are low bruising can happen very easily, and Caleb’s poor legs look like he’s been beat up. Every little bump has caused a bruise. He doesn’t complain about anything hurting but you can definitely tell that the low platelets have caused more bruising than normal.

This morning we had to say goodbye to Nana so she could head back to Florida. But Caleb definitely enjoyed his last hour of one on one time with her before she left for the airport. They played “transformers” and “doctor”. We will miss her so much, and it was another sad goodbye as we may not see her until we are back in Florida. I’m so glad that time is coming soon!

We picked up Tyler early from school and spent over 2 hours outside this afternoon. The weather was only about 50 degrees but with the sun out it felt perfect. I’m kind of liking Spring in Memphis. The nights are still cold, but the days have had a lot more sun and it’s nice to be outside without sweating!

I am hoping his energy and appetite hold up through this cycle, especially since his numbers are starting a little lower. We will give everyone an update later this week when we are a few days into cycle 4!

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  1. Prayers for an easy time of #4 for Caleb and the whole family! Shared birthday pictures with Milo and Mary Susan (she sees your posts, too.) This experience has rocked us all, even hundreds of miles away.

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