Today we had an appointment to check Caleb’s blood counts and see where he’s at. We are 7 days past his first inpatient chemo dose, so this is typically the time his counts bottom out. And as expected his counts were all pretty low. His Hgb was 5.6, his Platelets were 34, and his ANC was 10.


His doctor ordered a blood transfusion, but he didn’t need platelets today because his count was over 20. His doctor expects he’ll need those Thursday, but for today he only had to get blood. This automatically makes for a long day, but we were prepared. I felt like a pro today. I brought my computer with me, extra snacks for the two of us, and I got my Starbucks (yes there is a Starbucks at St. Jude!) before we got called back to the transfusion room.


Caleb played in the playroom the whole time we were waiting to get called back, so by the time we got in a room about 3pm he was pretty tired. He has to get Benadryl before each transfusion since he has had an allergic reaction before, so as soon as the Benedryl went in he fell asleep. He slept through almost the entire transfusion which is really the best thing he can do to pass the time. I caught up on emails and drank my coffee. Trust me the transfusion process isn’t as glamorous as I’m making it sound. He has been very sick and very cranky in the past. But today everything went as well as I could possibly hope for. Regardless, we were still there from 11am to 6:30pm. It’s a long day no matter what, but we don’t have any appointments tomorrow so we’ll get a break.

He woke up about 30 minutes before the end of the transfusion and watched his iPad and ate a snack. I am very thankful that today wasn’t as stressful as it sometimes can be.


Tyler had his first official T-ball game tonight and he did so well. I am thankful that James was able to pick him up and drive him to his game but my heart was breaking that I couldn’t be there. According to James (because I don’t know too much about T-ball lingo) he went 2 for 3 tonight, hit the ball hard the first time every time he was at bat, had an RBI, and threw someone out at first. He also played the pitchers position and took a line drive to the shin from a huge kindergartner. He shook it off and still played tough the rest of the game. I am so proud of him! I couldn’t wait to get home and give him a huge squeeze!! I know he understands why I couldn’t be there tonight but I hope he really understands and knows how bad I wanted to be there.

Our next appointment at St. Jude is Thursday when we will check counts again. More updates soon!


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  1. Sweet little face! I pray Caleb is feeling better & his counts go up soon!!! Prayers continue for your amazing little boy & all of you!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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