Today was a pretty uneventful day. Caleb is feeling much more like himself, however is still confined to this hospital room. We spent the day just trying to pass the time. We watched movies, played with Play-doh, and I taught him how to play cards! We started with “Go Pup”, which is essentially a Paw Patrol themed version of “Go Fish”. He had a blast and we played over and over again. I can remember being young and loving to play Old Maid, Go Fish, and Uno with my Grandma… so I knew he’d like that game!

He also received a box of goodies from one of James’ former co-workers. He was super excited to have something to open and we did one of the activities right away… create your own Superhero Mask! What a perfect craft for our Superhero. We had to let the glue dry overnight but we are going to wear them tomorrow!

He got in a super silly mood tonight and was being hilarious. This was probably thanks to the Oreo cookies the nurse and I had to bribe him with to take his meds. There is one in particular that Caleb just hates the taste of and he never wants to drink it. In these pictures he is on his “Oreo High” and yes that’s Oreo creme on his face ha ha!!

There is a very slim chance we will get discharged tomorrow but I think it will most likely be Sunday. They would really like to see his ANC come up before we leave… they usually like it over 200 to be discharged and today it was a whopping 10! So… we’ll see what it is tomorrow morning. Just waiting, waiting, waiting… But for now Caleb is sleeping soundly and dreaming of his favorite superheroes no doubt!


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