So let’s see, since the last update we celebrated Father’s Day, had a day of rest, and then had a long day of appointments to access where Caleb’s counts are at. As we expected they have pretty much hit the bottom. Hopefully it’s only up from here.

But let’s start with Father’s Day… We couldn’t really go out anywhere this year because we knew Caleb’s counts were dropping, so we stayed home and had a relaxing day. The boys were so excited to tell James “Happy Father’s Day” that they woke him up by asking him to play Legos in bed. Then they gave daddy the special gifts and cards that they picked out for him and he loved everything!

We played some games, did an art project, and then watched some of the US Open. This inspired the boys to pull out their own golf clubs, so we went outside to play for a while. They played golf, played with a neighbor’s dog, and Tyler caught a worm (EWWW!!!)

Monday Tyler was back at Summer Camp, Daddy was back at work, and Caleb and I had a day at home together. We did our norm… play games, do activities, and take naps! He also helped me cook dinner, which is one of his favorite things to do with me. We made Taco Soup!

That brought us to today, Tuesday. I was anxious about today because the count down is on for Caleb’s counts to recover, us to get our final scans, and then go home. I’m glad James came with us because it quickly turned into a long day, as we got his counts back and ALL of them were low. He needed a blood transfusion, platelet transfusion, and his ANC is only 10 so he is very susceptible to getting sick right now. Our first appointment was at 10am and Caleb and James didn’t get home until almost 8pm. LONG day!!! But, the transfusions are a good thing as they will help his body recover faster. Since it was such a long day I went to pick Tyler up from Summer Camp and we brought daddy and Caleb dinner… Caleb requested the Chicken Store (AKA Chick-fil-a) of course! This is his second day in a row eating it for dinner. He just never gets tired of it! Ha ha!

One very important moment… his last Vincristine drip went in today. That’s one of the chemos he has been taking and this is hopefully the LAST time he’ll ever have that! I took a picture of the last bit going down the line and into his port. He was sticking his tongue out and “spitting” at it, as if to say “goodbye chemo!”

Our next count check will be Friday. He may need another round of transfusions, and we should probably prepare for that as that is what has happened in past cycles. We are hoping to keep his scans scheduled for June 27th if his counts can recover by then. As James and I were talking tonight we realized that is NEXT week, and a wave of both panic and excitement rushed over me as I asked him “how in the Hell are we going to pack everything in this apartment?” I am excited and anxious, but I think we will know when it’s “go time”. This apartment isn’t big enough for us to be packing boxes and having them sit around, so we just need to wait for the moment and then pack like mad. This pressure will probably be good because we are going to have to make a lot of decisions about what to leave here and what to bring home with us. But when the moment comes I think we’ll just be ready to get going as quickly as possible.

That’s all for now. I can’t believe we are truly at the end of our time here. It’s strange and wonderful. More updates on Friday!

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  1. It would never have occurred to me to make a collage with crayons and a hair dryer! How cool is that! Praying for restored counts, returned strength, and a rain-free day the day you pack!

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