Many exciting things have happened the last few days, and Caleb is back home now. His counts haven’t really come up yet, but his doctor was comfortable letting us go home to continue to watch him since he was eating and drinking and full of energy!

Sunday was Tyler’s last day before Kindergarten, and even though Caleb was in the hospital we gave him a special day. Grandma let him pick anywhere he wanted to go for lunch, and he picked Moe’s! He just loves the queso there and puts it on everything! After lunch we got him a hair cut so he would be ready for the first day of school, and then grandma took him to a movie. I know they had a lot of fun together!

Caleb had some special visitors too, which was awesome because it really helped pass the time for James and Caleb just sitting in the hospital room.

Monday was the BIG day! Tyler’s first day of Kindergarten. Since James was spending the night with Caleb in the hospital, the only way for him to be with me in the morning was for his mom to drive to the hospital super early and switch places with him. So at 5am Monday morning Nana drove all the way to the hospital and James drove all the way home in enough time to make a special breakfast for Tyler and be a part of his first day of Kindergarten. I am so grateful because it just wouldn’t have been the same without James with me. We made Toy Story pancakes and then got Tyler dressed in his uniform. He was very excited and said he was only “a little bit nervous”. He was so cute and was very cooperative in taking the million pictures I wanted to get. I have thought about this day for a long time. Probably from the moment I found out I was pregnant with him. We had a really great morning and he went into Kindergarten like a big boy not afraid at all. He gave each of us a hug before we even started saying good bye, so we took that as our cue to leave.

When we picked him up he was all smiles. He told us all about his day and how he met some new friends (but he didn’t know their names ha ha!). He said his teacher was very nice, and he had a great day! We wanted to start a tradition with the kids, so we took them for “first day ice cream”. I have a friend that did this with her kids every year, and it’s amazing to look back over the years at the pictures, so we are going to start this tradition. We decided to go to Cold Stone and we had fun getting silly while we ate our ice cream!

Tyler starting Kindergarten was definitely the start of some great memories, however I couldn’t help but feel sad every time I thought about Caleb. The day we went to school for open house he was so excited to see his classroom and know he was going to school. Every time we drive into the school parking lot he says “this is my school too!” and I tell him yes, it is! He understands why he can’t go right now but it just stinks. On the first day of school I wasn’t the typical parent that cried when I walked out of the Kindergarten class, but instead tears filled my eyes when I walked by Caleb’s classroom and the bulletin board outside with his name on it. It just wasn’t right. He needed to be there. So I pretty much held it together until we got to the parking lot and then James said, you’re sad about Caleb aren’t you, and I lost it. I am sure any parent we walked past at that point thought I was sad about the kid I had just brought to Kindergarten HA HA! But I was sad about the kid that wasn’t even there. It’s so complicated and frustrating. But there is nothing I can do about it right now. We have to keep Caleb safe and so until it’s safe for him to go we just can’t let him.


But Caleb is still having a great time at home with his Nana. We are lucky she decided to come visit for a few days and help us out when Caleb was in the hospital. She has been playing everything from play-doh to “zombies” to magnet tiles with him, and I think they both love every minute of it!

On another note, I have updates about the upcoming Tampa St. Jude Run/Walk. It is only 1 MONTH AWAY!!!! September 14th is the big day, so if you are local to Tampa and want to walk with us on September 14th sign up now at the link below and click “Register and Join Team”: SIGN UP for the Tampa St. Jude Run/Walk



I am also excited to announce we are selling T-shirts for the run/walk! If you will be attending the run/walk we will be wearing our shirts that day, and if you aren’t able to attend you can still show your support for the team by purchasing a shirt. The shirts will be in Caleb’s favorite color, green!! A portion of the proceeds will go to St. Jude via team #CalebtheSuperhero. They will only be on sale for 7 days so we can get them in time for the walk, so check out the selection of styles and sizes:



Thank you to everyone for your continuous love and support! Being home has been a wonderful thing, but there have also been some painful reality checks and adjustments. We appreciate everyone’s kind words and prayers and we are so blessed to have everyone supporting our Superhero!

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  1. Stay strong mama😀. God is with you every day. Continue praying 🙏every day for your family.

  2. Thank you for all of the updates. I bought my t-shirt and posted link to F/B. Hope it helps. As always continued prayers and hugs to all of you.

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