1 year… 1 year ago our lives were forever changed. 1 year ago Caleb had a seizure out of nowhere. 1 year ago we had no idea why, or what was ahead of us. What a difference a year makes right!? I wish I could say we are done with this battle, but even though we are not finished we have come so far. We have 4 more cycles of oral chemo to go, and hopefully then we will be done. We are exhausted, but grateful.

I wanted to put together a video of our year. My challenge to myself was to use mostly videos we shot and not just pictures. Since you aren’t always allowed to shoot video of medical procedures, etc. the videos we have are mostly happy memories at home. As I scanned through each video, so many thoughts came to mind. Some moments seem like just yesterday, yet some seem like a lifetime ago. I can’t believe how young Caleb looked a year ago, and how much he has grown up. I enjoyed watching the seasons change, and remembering what each stage was like. It also became obvious that Tyler has been through so much too, and in many of the videos Tyler is right there by Caleb’s side, experiencing everything right along with him. We lived a lot of life in between the treatments, blood draws, and hospital stays. In the end, we made a lot of happy memories in Memphis.

My goal was to keep the video under 5 minutes, but hey, it was a whole year and I had a lot of videos so it turned out a little longer. So grab your popcorn and your tissues, and enjoy the ride from the moment Caleb had his seizure, August 30th 2018, to where we are now, August 30th 2019.

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  1. Wow! What an amazing family! Can’t wait to meet you all we are back in Florida at Thanksgiving.

  2. Such an inspiring & beautiful journey for Caleb & all of you! So Thankful for St Jude’s & to GOD Almighty!! Continued prayers for the most amazing family!

  3. I’m speechless for so many reasons, and I was glued to watching every second of this journey you’ve all been on. I also can’t say enough about how impressed I am with how you captured the emotions and the beautiful smiles and music you set it all to. The best parts were reading how positive Caleb’s future is and seeing and hearing his and Tyler’s smiles and laughs. Oh and the video of the four of you in your pool, near the end was priceless!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

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