It’s the end of another week and I’m happy to report things are going well so far this cycle. I don’t want to jinx it, but we are a little over a week past finishing chemo and no hospital stays so far! His numbers dropped this week as expected, but he seems to still be feeling pretty good.

He went for 2 blood draws this week to check counts and by Thursday (yesterday) his counts were low enough to receive both blood and platelet transfusions. I don’t like the days that we have to go through that because it makes for some very long days at the hospital, but they do always make him feel better when it’s over. He has had a ton of energy today and I’m sure it’s from the blood he received yesterday!

In other news, we just pass the time at home the best we can. We have been enjoying the cooler mornings and little bit of Fall weather (Finally!!!). He rides his scooter around the neighborhood, we play on the play set, we baked some banana bread, and he has really taken a liking to baseball lately. He can hit a pitched ball, and at 4 years old and post brain surgery that’s pretty amazing. I find myself backing up now when I pitch the ball to him because I never know if he’s doing to drive one straight at me. Even my dad came over and got in on the action one day! Maybe Caleb will be a baseball player ha ha!

Exciting things are starting to happen with Caleb’s pictures and videos that he took for St. Jude. We have seen him in an email blast, on a Facebook ad, and on a website page. We also have had one person see his TV commercial that he shot in NY with Michael Strahan. I haven’t personally seen it yet but I know the commercials for the “Thanks and Giving” campaign are starting to run, and that is the campaign the commercial was for. As soon as I am able to record it or see it posted online I will share it on the blog! And in the mean time if someone else sees it please let me know where and when you saw it!

And lastly, for the first time in over a year, Caleb’s hair is starting to come back! I have mixed emotions about this. It’s exciting but I have also gotten so used to his smooth bald head. I don’t even know what he’ll look like anymore with hair. We have heard that post chemo hair can grow back completely different sometimes… sometimes lighter or darker, or patchy, or even curly. But for now, here it is, coming in brown just like before!

The rest of this chemo cycle will consist of waiting for his counts to recover and hopefully starting his 5th (out of 6) chemo cycle Thanksgiving evening. That would keep us on time for this cycle. We go for another blood draw Monday so we will see how things are looking at that time. There aren’t enough words to express how blessed and happy we feel that we see a light at the end of the tunnel and we feel like we are finally going to get through this. We are one of the lucky ones. Caleb is caring, smart, and makes us laugh every single day. I shared this story on my Facebook page, but in case anyone isn’t friends with me, here is what happened…. I was talking to my husband and had my back turned to Caleb when he said “I have an idea” and I was about to turn around and tell him to please wait until mommy and daddy are done talking but when I turned around I saw him holding a lightbulb above his head. “I have an idea” he said! I burst out laughing! I don’t even know how he thinks of this stuff but it’s so hilarious. I am thankful for the smile he puts on my face every day!


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  1. Just loving the whole positive attitude and good news; baseball, and HAIR!! You remain in our prayers.

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