I'm having so many feelings as I write this because we have had a couple of exciting and eventful days, combined with the fact that we are *maybe* a week away from getting the all clear to come home. I am excited, and sad, and panicking.... but mostly excited!!! First, I'll fill you in on... Continue Reading →


We are still in the hospital and still waiting... waiting on cultures to grow (or not grow), waiting on Caleb's counts to come back up, and overall of course waiting to go home! We are starting to get more anxious to see if this hospital stay will delay our scans, and therefore delay our return... Continue Reading →


Well, what's one more inpatient stay when we've already had so many? That's right... Caleb was admitted for fever once again this afternoon. His counts have pretty much bottomed out and unfortunately he had some sort of scratch or bug bite on his ankle, and another small scratch on his finger that seem to have... Continue Reading →


So let's see, since the last update we celebrated Father's Day, had a day of rest, and then had a long day of appointments to access where Caleb's counts are at. As we expected they have pretty much hit the bottom. Hopefully it's only up from here. But let's start with Father's Day... We couldn't really... Continue Reading →


We were discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon! Caleb's fever quickly came and went within 24 hours, so we are thinking he caught a small virus. When he woke up yesterday morning I could tell that he felt better. The brightness was back in his eyes and he immediately asked for breakfast... it was only... Continue Reading →


We were all set to go home today. Caleb received his last dose of chemo about 4am, and everything was on schedule for us to be discharged this afternoon. However overnight Caleb spiked a fever. They aren't exactly sure why, but the one thing that is for sure is a fever is a big deal... Continue Reading →


I am writing this blog from (hopefully) the last hospital room we will ever see at St. Jude! Caleb has been admitted for his 5th and final round of inpatient chemo! But leading up to getting admitted on Tuesday, we had a whole weekend to kill and we made the most of it! We went... Continue Reading →


Today is Friday and we were really hoping we would get to go inpatient today to get Caleb's last round of high dose chemo. However, the bad news is his numbers weren't quite high enough to get admitted today. His platelets specifically held him back, at a count of 43 when they have to be... Continue Reading →


As always we have been busy the last few days. Tyler started summer camp, Grandpa and Grebbie came into town, and in general we are just waiting for Caleb's counts to come up so we can do his last round of inpatient chemo. Last weekend started off with Tyler's T-ball celebration at the park. Sadly... Continue Reading →

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