Many exciting things have happened the last few days, and Caleb is back home now. His counts haven't really come up yet, but his doctor was comfortable letting us go home to continue to watch him since he was eating and drinking and full of energy! Sunday was Tyler's last day before Kindergarten, and even... Continue Reading →


When we left for NYC we were hopeful that Caleb's counts were on the upswing. They weren't as strong as we'd hoped but based on past cycles, but we were confident they were on their way up. However, whether it was NYC, attending dinner with friends the night we got back, or open house at... Continue Reading →


We had the best time in NYC! Caleb was asked to be part of a commercial shoot for St. Jude's "Thanks and Giving" campaign, which is their largest campaign of the year. So with about 3 days notice we flew to New York City! This trip fell just at the perfect time for us... last... Continue Reading →


I am happy to report that after 3 nights in the hospital Caleb was discharged this morning. He didn't do much except sleep and watch his iPad for 2 days. He hardly talked because when he did he coughed, and he didn't feel like eating. Even with all he has been through this was the... Continue Reading →


We've been home just a little over a week now and it feels like so much has already happened. We've been enjoying our home a lot! Tyler went back to his old pre-school for just a few weeks before he starts Kindergarten. He is so happy to see his friends! We have been visiting with... Continue Reading →


As I write this I’m sitting on a plane to Tampa and pinching myself that this moment is real. I’m sitting here reflecting on all we have been through and all we have learned. We learned so many lessons and I wish I could have learned all of them in a different way, but in... Continue Reading →


Yesterday we met with Caleb's doctor and got the "all clear" to go home!!!! We were all so happy about the good news and there were hugs all around. It's a win for us and a win for Caleb's whole care team! His numbers are strong enough to fly and we'll have a blood test... Continue Reading →


I haven't blogged since we got home because honestly we've been having too much fun! But before I get into all of that let me start with the most important thing that has happened since we've been home... we got the pathology results from Caleb's doctor and his tumor was NEGATIVE for any cancerous cells.... Continue Reading →


We have been very anxious for the phone call we received today. The hour leading up to the time our doctor was supposed to call was torture. I could hardly concentrate on anything. And then the phone finally rang, and our doctor gave us some promising news! He said he had just finished discussing Caleb's... Continue Reading →

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