First, I am writing this post tonight from our apartment and not the hospital where I thought we would be. Caleb's ANC was too low to be admitted today, and we are going to recheck numbers again on Friday. His ANC must be above 500, and it was only 400 today. The doctor was not... Continue Reading →


Just a quick update on the 3 appointments we had today. Today's appointments were "fun" appointments as we tell Caleb. That means they are appointments where he doesn't have to get poked, or go to sleep, or do anything unpleasant. We started our day with a follow up with the Neurology department. This doctor is... Continue Reading →


It's been a good few days since my last blog post, so I thought I'd give everyone an update on what's been going on. For the last 7 days Caleb has been getting his oral chemo at home. This cycle we were able to give it to him at night which has worked out so... Continue Reading →


We went to St. Jude yesterday for more blood work and got the news that Caleb's ANC was up enough to start the next round of Chemo. It was at 900, which still isn't great but is strong enough to start Cycle 2. Cycle 2 will go exactly as Cycle 1 did, so we started... Continue Reading →


We've had an exciting couple of days since Caleb came home from his hospital stay. James and I did what we thought would be impossible... we snuck away to Nashville!!! A couple months ago James bought tickets to a concert in Nashville. But not just any concert, a benefit concert put on by Bobby Bones... Continue Reading →


I am happy to report that we are home! This morning we got the great news that his ANC count is up to 200 and he hasn't had a fever, so we were clear to go home! I can't believe that we ended up 5 nights inpatient but I was so thankful to go home!... Continue Reading →


We are still inpatient at St. Jude waiting for Caleb to feel better and for his counts to recover a little bit before we can go home. There were really no major developments today. He looked like he was feeling better this morning, but then started to feel worse. Basically his temp rises and drops,... Continue Reading →


I thought today was going to be a good day. Caleb had no appointments on the schedule for St. Jude, and we had plans to play with his new play-doh set. I was also hoping to get him some outside play time since he missed out on that getting his transfusions yesterday. Tyler was back... Continue Reading →


We have been stuck in the same cycle of one day off with no appointments, and then the next day going into St. Jude to have Caleb's blood counts checked. So this is our life right now. We've been keeping ourselves entertained at home on our "off" days. James found the patience (and it took... Continue Reading →

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