It seems as though now that we have hit the end of the 3rd cycle, Caleb's body is taking a little longer to recover each time. This is to be expected after it's been hit this hard, but it's still amazing that most days you can't tell by the way Caleb is acting. Most days... Continue Reading →


We never know what life will throw at us, and we got another curve ball tonight. Caleb woke up about 12:45am crying. This is not unusual as sometimes he wakes up because he had a nightmare, or because his stomach hurts. But tonight when James went in his room to check on him he had... Continue Reading →


We made it through the inpatient stay of Cycle 3! Caleb got discharged later Thursday evening and I have to say I feel like this stay was the best yet. I think it was just a combination of being more prepared and having really awesome nurses this time around. Caleb did get sick once or... Continue Reading →


Since we were pretty sure we were going to be admitted today, we spent the weekend enjoying the warm (for Memphis) almost 60 degree weather! We spent as much time outside as possible knowing we were about to be in a hospital room for 4-5 days. We launched rockets, played ball, blew bubbles, had an... Continue Reading →


On September 14, 2019 there will be a Walk/Run at Amalie Arena (Downtown Tampa) benefitting St. Jude. Some of you may have already seen a few social media posts about this, but I wanted to write a little more about it and how you can get involved (both near and far) to support team CalebTheSuperhero!... Continue Reading →


We started this morning off with a 7am blood draw, and then we were expecting to be admitted for Caleb's next inpatient stay. But, after packing all our clothes, and all of his clothes, and all of his toys, and his favorite blanket, and mentally preparing for the sleep deprivation that happens from around the... Continue Reading →


I am back with a long overdue update! We have been very busy around here, but thankfully life has been busy with mostly good times and few appointments at St. Jude over the last week. The first part of each Chemo cycle is usually like this. We are able to live life more normally, and... Continue Reading →


There are so many things in my life to be grateful for, but I have really been feeling extra grateful and so blessed the last few days. So, let me update you on what has been going on both in Memphis and in Tampa! Last Wednesday Nana and our neice Koral flew into town. They... Continue Reading →


There is only one reason I am writing tonight, and that is to share the good news that the results of the LP came back and Caleb's CSF (Cerebrospinal fluid) came back negative. This means there were no cancerous cells found in his spinal fluid. He continues to show no evidence of disease!!! Every time... Continue Reading →

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