I thought I would be writing tonight from a hospital room, but I am not. Caleb's counts are still not quite where they need to be to move forward, so we are still at home. But, more on that in a minute... We have been having fun with Grebbie and Grandpa and it's been nice... Continue Reading →


Caleb's counts have been dropping, and even though he manages to still have a good amount of energy during the morning, he definitely needs to rest a large part of the afternoon. He has been a bit more irritable during this time, as usual for this part of the cycle. Of course that's completely understandable... Continue Reading →


I didn't want to post about this until we knew the results, but Caleb had an MRI scheduled today. This came up rather suddenly and was not a regularly scheduled one, but after speaking with his doctor over the last few weeks about the accidents he keeps having he decided to order an MRI. One... Continue Reading →


We had something pretty exciting happen on Wednesday. Caleb was asked to be part of a photoshoot for St. Jude. We debated sharing this news because we don't know what, if anything, will happen with the pictures they took. But it ended up being a really fun day so we thought we would share some... Continue Reading →


This weekend was definitely fun, as Aunt Taylor and Uncle Pinke (Aka Uncle Stinky) came to visit. We had a blast and Caleb felt pretty good most of the weekend. He was a little up and down, but we completely expected him to be that way with the way this cycle started, and now that... Continue Reading →


Well it's been a little bit of a rough start to Cycle 4. Usually Caleb doesn't feel the effects of the oral chemo, Alisertib, until later in the 7 days we give it to him. In the past, he will start to get very sleepy and low energy by maybe day 5. This time around... Continue Reading →


We got the "all clear" to start Cycle 4 tomorrow evening. I am very excited even though his counts were just high enough to get by. I feel like they have been a bit stronger in the past, but that is to be expected since we are so far into the process and the doctor... Continue Reading →


We checked out of our Air BnB on Friday, and we were sad to say goodbye. It was a fun house with a lot of space for the boys to play, and it will forever be known as "the birthday house." Caleb also had an appointment at St. Jude on Friday. We were hoping we... Continue Reading →


Today was an amazing day. Probably one of the best since we have been in Memphis, because we got to celebrate Caleb's 4th Birthday!!! Normally when it comes to my kid's birthdays, I am sad that they are turning another year older. However this year was very different. I could not be happier that Caleb... Continue Reading →

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