*We will answer questions we get frequently here, so if you have a question let us know!*

Do you have an address where we can send you mail or packages?

Our Superhero’s “Permanent” Memphis Address (through the end of June 2019):
Note: You can address the mail/package to any of us, but of course Caleb and Tyler love to receive any kind of mail, so feel free to adress it to one or both of them!

1810 Poplar Ave.
Apt. 6
Memphis, TN 38104-7616

As you may have noticed, we have had to move around quite a bit as we progressed through Caleb’s treatment plan. We are now to the point where that plan will be stable through the end of our stay and you can find our “permanent” Memphis address below. If you happen to have sent something to a previous address, rest assured that St. Jude has been great about forwarding mail and packages as they come in regardless of when your last stay with them was.

What kind of tumor did Caleb have?

He has a very rare and aggressive form of cancer called AT/RT.  You can read more details about it here, but just a warning, the internet is a scary place so I try not to read too much:


If the tumor was completely removed, why is he receiving chemo and radiation treatments?

MRI’s and CT scans can only show things on a macro level.  There could still be cells at a microscopic level floating around his body.  The radiation and chemo will kill those cells, giving him a 70-80% chance that tumor re-growth will not occur.

Where are you living?

We were originally living in St. Jude’s temporary housing, which is like a hotel. Now that we have started treatments we moved to their long term housing, called “Target House”. We have a 2 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment. It isn’t a huge space but it’s very nice. There are many activities that go on here on a daily basis so it’s a great way to meet and have the support of other families while going through treatment.

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