We've been trying to keep busy the last few days, while we wait to see what the future holds for us in Memphis. It's been fun to have Grandma here, and we celebrated the 4th of July and had a fun weekend all together. We thought we were going to be in the hospital with... Continue Reading →


Today was surgery day to get this "mystery bump" removed. I was a mess last night, but this morning I was actually pretty calm. Caleb is still too young to really get nervous about things, so as long as we act like things are ok, then he's ok. So we just find a way to... Continue Reading →


We had a small win today... The PET scan was clear. No spots lit up anywhere in Caleb's body, not even the spot we are concerned about on the side of his head. You may be wondering why I said this feels like a small win, and not a big one. There is still a... Continue Reading →


As always, time helps ease pain. The weekend was exactly the time we needed to soak in the news about surgery, contemplate the future, pray about things, and also just have some fun! We woke up Saturday and went to see Toy Story 4. The boys have been anxiously awaiting this movie, and we all... Continue Reading →


We received our MRI results this morning, and although this is not the update I had hoped to share with you tonight, it's not entirely bad either. There is a spot on the side of Caleb's head that we have been keeping an eye on. At first it was just a small bump that you... Continue Reading →


I'm having so many feelings as I write this because we have had a couple of exciting and eventful days, combined with the fact that we are *maybe* a week away from getting the all clear to come home. I am excited, and sad, and panicking.... but mostly excited!!! First, I'll fill you in on... Continue Reading →


We are still in the hospital and still waiting... waiting on cultures to grow (or not grow), waiting on Caleb's counts to come back up, and overall of course waiting to go home! We are starting to get more anxious to see if this hospital stay will delay our scans, and therefore delay our return... Continue Reading →


Well, what's one more inpatient stay when we've already had so many? That's right... Caleb was admitted for fever once again this afternoon. His counts have pretty much bottomed out and unfortunately he had some sort of scratch or bug bite on his ankle, and another small scratch on his finger that seem to have... Continue Reading →


So let's see, since the last update we celebrated Father's Day, had a day of rest, and then had a long day of appointments to access where Caleb's counts are at. As we expected they have pretty much hit the bottom. Hopefully it's only up from here. But let's start with Father's Day... We couldn't really... Continue Reading →

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