I thought today was going to be a good day. Caleb had no appointments on the schedule for St. Jude, and we had plans to play with his new play-doh set. I was also hoping to get him some outside play time since he missed out on that getting his transfusions yesterday. Tyler was back... Continue Reading →


We have been stuck in the same cycle of one day off with no appointments, and then the next day going into St. Jude to have Caleb's blood counts checked. So this is our life right now. We've been keeping ourselves entertained at home on our "off" days. James found the patience (and it took... Continue Reading →


The last 2 days have involved the same rotation of keeping Caleb home in a safe, clean environment, while also keeping him entertained. Tyler has still been spending a lot of time with grandma which has been so fun for him (and her!) Yesterday Caleb stayed home with James and I, and we made popsicles,... Continue Reading →


Today we went to St. Jude for blood work to find out where we stand with Caleb's blood counts. These counts are an indicator of how easily he might get sick or catch an infection, because as his counts drop his immune system is unable to fight things off. However the last few days we... Continue Reading →


Well, here we are. The end of 2018 and the start of a new year. I am not normally one of those people who is glad a year is over so a new one can begin. I believe people can have new beginnings any time of the year, not just on New Year's. This year... Continue Reading →


We got discharged today! Our first official inpatient stay is over and I am glad to have it behind us! Let me just say we were so impressed with the care during our stay. All of our nurses were wonderful, attentive, and caring! The rooms were beautiful, and had features that really made the stay... Continue Reading →


Today was pretty much a repeat of yesterday. We played, watched movies, went to the playroom, etc. A little bit of cabin fever has set in, and even Caleb is feeling it. He asked to take a walk to the Cafe to pick out a snack and when we got down there he picked out... Continue Reading →


Today was a pretty chill day in our room here at St. Jude. Inpatient stays are pretty boring. It feels like a big adventure just to walk downstairs to the cafe. I try to make myself get out of the room a bit because otherwise you just go crazy. The day started with Caleb waking... Continue Reading →


We started our day early with a normal blood draw and a clinic appointment with his team of doctors. As soon as we talked with his doctor he let us know that they were looking to get us checked into a room as soon as possible to go ahead and get started on the chemo.... Continue Reading →

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