There are so many things in my life to be grateful for, but I have really been feeling extra grateful and so blessed the last few days. So, let me update you on what has been going on both in Memphis and in Tampa! Last Wednesday Nana and our neice Koral flew into town. They... Continue Reading →


There is only one reason I am writing tonight, and that is to share the good news that the results of the LP came back and Caleb's CSF (Cerebrospinal fluid) came back negative. This means there were no cancerous cells found in his spinal fluid. He continues to show no evidence of disease!!! Every time... Continue Reading →


The last few days have been very busy! Our schedule has been all over the place, and many things have been falling into place last minute since the next move in Caleb's treatment always depends on his blood counts. We spent all of Saturday and the first part of Sunday having fun with Grandma and... Continue Reading →


I know James updated everyone a few days ago, so I'll pick up from there. Grandma is in town!!! She can only stay a few days this time around but we are so glad she is here! Caleb had his MRI on Valentine's Day morning. This is one of the only procedures at St. Jude... Continue Reading →


Love is a word we all use in so many different ways. We Love God, we Love thy Neighbor, we Love our family, etc.  Sometimes I felt the word tended to lose it's meaning when you said it out of habit or out of necessity. But I promise you, its not possible to say it... Continue Reading →


A lot has happened in the last few days! A lot of good things, actually mostly good things... but also a couple things that gave us a major reality check and reminded us once again that we have no control over this life. So, we'll start with the good. Aunt Taylor spent the WHOLE weekend... Continue Reading →


We were able to have 2 days at home with no appointments before going in today to check his blood counts. We have been bracing ourselves for the downward turn after the chemo when his counts usually drop and he sleeps a lot. But, it hasn't happened yet. He has been full of energy and... Continue Reading →


We are back home, and the inpatient part of Cycle 2 is now behind us. Caleb handled it all very well, but was definitely happy to be back home today too! When the doctors came for their rounds this morning, their initial plan was to discharge him today but keep him on hydration fluids. This... Continue Reading →


So, let's see... the last 2 days have pretty much been the same routine each day. He was given Mesna and Cyclophosphamide about 5am each morning. The rest of the day he has just been hooked up to the saline for hydration. On top of that he is on a rotation of Zofran, Benedryl and... Continue Reading →

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