We have been very busy the last few days, but the first and most important update to report is that we are starting Chemo Cycle #5 TOMORROW!!!! This is the 5th and final cycle that we are doing here in Memphis. The rest of his treatment beyond Cycle 5 will be outpatient at home with... Continue Reading →


We had another count check today, and unfortunately Caleb's counts have still not increased enough for us to start Cycle 5. In a way we were surprised because we really thought that his numbers would be higher by now, but in a way we weren't surprised because he has been so tired the last couple... Continue Reading →


I am here to report we are still (patiently) waiting for Caleb's counts to fully recover. The recovery this cycle has been painfully slow, like watching paint dry, or watching grass grow. BUT we are hopeful that Friday will be the day. That is our next scheduled count check and hopefully that will be the... Continue Reading →


Of course today being Mother's Day brought many feelings as I continue to watch Caleb's body fight to recover from this last round of chemo. We have spent the last couple days going to St. Jude to get his counts checked. They are still low, but are on the rise! We are still hopeful we... Continue Reading →


We were discharged once again from the hospital earlier today. It feels good to be back at the apartment, and hopefully we won't be back at the hospital until our next and final planned inpatient stay! The first thing I saw when I woke up was a note from Caleb's night nurse. She wrote Caleb's... Continue Reading →


We are still in the hospital waiting for Caleb's counts to come up. His body is fighting so hard and you can tell. He hasn't had any more fevers, but he is wiped out, and so far his low counts aren't budging. Over the last few days Caleb has done very little. He mostly sleeps... Continue Reading →


Well friends, we are back in the hospital. Caleb spiked a fever again last night right before bed and so back we went. His body is trying so hard to fight the virus but his counts are just so low he is having a hard time. So the hospital with all the right meds and... Continue Reading →


We are back at our apartment tonight and it feels good to all be together at home. This morning it was looking like a slim chance that we would be discharged today. Caleb's counts were still not up and in fact his platelets had dropped again so our day started off with a platelet transfusion.... Continue Reading →


Today was a pretty uneventful day. Caleb is feeling much more like himself, however is still confined to this hospital room. We spent the day just trying to pass the time. We watched movies, played with Play-doh, and I taught him how to play cards! We started with "Go Pup", which is essentially a Paw... Continue Reading →

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