I have decided to start this blog to be able to update everyone on Caleb’s journey. Selfishly, I also think that writing will be a form of therapy for me, so here it goes. What better way to start than with our big move to Memphis!!

Today was bittersweet because it was a day of fun and adventure, mixed with anxiousness and sadness. The boys had their first plane ride which was so fun. They were so excited and so amazed by the large planes. They pretty much watched their iPads and ate snacks the whole time.

As we approached Memphis we were definitely feeling a little more anxious about things. We went to St. Jude first thing to get checked in as a new patient, get a tour of the main building, and get our housing for the night. I think the anticipation of getting to St. Jude, and seeing it in person, and knowing why we were here hit really hard last night. We couldn’t believe that we had to be a family that needs St. Jude. We are trying not to be angry, and just accept why we are here but it’s hard. We saw some of the other St. Jude kids and I know we are wondering what treatment will bring to Caleb. All the not knowing is hard. I know that will clear up for us in the next few days and weeks. But we are here, because our child has brain cancer. Our child has brain cancer. Our child has brain cancer. That’s all I could think about sitting in the patient check-in room.

But, by the time we got settled in the room I was too tired to think anymore. I’m happy to report the temporary housing is very nice, and just feels like a hotel.

Tomorrow is a full day filled with many appointments and meeting the doctors that will save his life. I’m sure it will be emotional and draining, but I am feeling good about our choice.

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